Teacher Training Testimonials

We thought you'd like to read what people have to say after they've been though the Train-the-Trainer's course at Roarockit. 

"It was a great experience. I felt very welcome and learned a lot. Not only Norah and Ted but everyone who participated, Marcel, Dustin and Khash all really cared about our experience and encouraged us along the way.
Best Parts: the Tour, and the little tricks we learned to help us with the process (Sharpie trick etc)
Worst Part: I wish we would have had time to learn how to build the molds/actually build them"

Cece Lindsey
Marwood, Inc., Jeffersonville IN

"It was awesome. Very educational!
Best part was learning the gluing process.
Worst part was sanding LOL"

Bobby Cummings
Marwood, Inc., Jeffersonville IN

"I really enjoyed the session. Having built decks before with 30 years of woodworking experience I wasn't sure what to expect. I found the delivery student friendly. It allowed me to step back and be the student which I really enjoyed. It was nice to sit and let the ideas flow. I found Marcel, Khash, Dustin and of course yourself extremely helpful and encouraging. I liked the casual, friendly, environment that you've cultivated it has a great vibe.

Having Chris come in was awesome.  My students will definitely benefit from me having experienced his method of work. The evening show was fantastic. The timing was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gets my wheels turning for fundraisers here as well.

Getting back to the build, it was great to do things without power. Shaping the edge down with an economical Surform tool opened my eyes to the fact that sometimes I tend to over think things with what I need to get the job done. I've been using expensive files but found the Surform tools perfect. If I had one suggestion it would be to get the decks out earlier in the morning in order to repair delaminations asap and give them 2 hrs of dry time until after lunch and prior to the graphics. No biggy really just a thought.

My students in all three classes were buzzing when I showed them the forms and veneers. I stirred quite a bit of interest, there was a real positive energy in the room. I met with someone at the school board level today and he would like me to do a workshop (funding included) for a group of students. The funding comes from a new design based initiative at the ministry level called ICE (Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship). It may be a source of revenue for Oasis who knows. I'm not sure how I will deliver the workshop but I'll be in touch for materials.

Finally I left with the thought that every Construction Technology, Technological Design, Custom Woodworking and Art teacher should experience the Roarockit workshops. It's such a great project for students. I'll do my best on this end to promote.

I'll keep in touch regarding my workshop. Thanks again for such a great time.

Gary Pattenden
Limestone District School Board, Kingston ON

"I wanted to take a minute to comment on the fantastic Train-the-Trainer session at Roarockit. I had a lot of fun learning the process of deck making and applying graphics. Everyone was very friendly.   Your instructors covered a lot of ground while maintaining a laid-back vibe, and I was thrilled to meet Chris Burns the woodburning artist.  I left the workshop feeling inspired. I am very excited about using the Thin Air Press with my students, and they are excited too!

A message for any teacher considering taking the Roarockit course - If you teach Tech or Art and want to learn how to make super engaging projects that your students will love, TAKE THIS COURSE!  It will be one of the most rewarding Professional Development sessions of your career.

I have attached pics of my finished penny board.  For the grip I sprinkled fine silica onto wet Varathane. Once dry, another coat of Varathane was applied over top.  The silica comes in a small shaker of "no-slip compound" and costs less than $10. One container would be enough for several decks.

Thanks again,"

Sean Conboy
Limestone District School Board, Kingston ON