Train-the-Trainers Session - a look at what goes on

Recently we held another Train-theTrainers session with a full class of 5 people. The ratio of trainers to trainees was almost one on one, so everyone got lots of attention. Between each session of hands-on training, Roarockit workbooks are used for taking notes on the lectures. Enjoy this photo album of our spring session. 

After the introductions and a discussion of materials and tools, the class moved directly into building skateboards. Many questions are answered while gluing and the process is quickly learned by simply doing it with our expert builders. 

Each trainee chooses a board shape they want to build. Then the whole team helps with the glue up and pressing in the same way it would work in a class full of students. 

After the 5 builds and a lunch break, our special guest Chris "Champstiles" Bennett was there to demonstrate how pyrography (wood burning) is a very effective and fun way to put graphics on a board. 

Chris showed us the different tips and heat settings to create amazing detail and shading to his designs.

He often uses knots in the wood surface as details to work his designs around. The wood grain itself can offer inspiration for designs.

The day concluded with a tour of the warehouse and a trip to a local art gallery for a show of skateboard art, sponsored by Roarockit!

Day 2 started with training on how to plan, prep and create a fully custom board, from mold design to gluing and pressing to final trim out.

Each course can be customized to suit the participants wishes and their potential or planned student base. 

Again, everyone worked as a team to make the build go smoothly. 

Notice the larger Thin Air Press vacuum press and Super Pump is used, along with the vacuum-cleaner trick to evacuate part of the air. 

This particular group of trainees will be teaching advanced level board building in their classrooms, so a section on custom builds was included in this course.



Dustin is pulling the vinyl out of the creases in order to get a really good pressing along the side where the concaves are.  

Part of the afternoon was spent learning the correct method and tools to smooth the rough edges, and sand that maple smooth!

Personal boards were cleaned up and sanded in no time.

Graphics really make the board! Many types of graphic applications are discussed and demonstrated.

Here a hand-cut vinyl stencil is used to create a posterized portrait.  

Jim looks skeptical that this is going to work.

But hey, it looks great!

Cece looks pretty happy with her clear-coated pintail longboard, ready for some awesome graphics to be done later, when she's got more time to concentrate. 

All done! In the above photo, you are looking at 5 certified Roarockit Skateboard instructors! From left to right: Cece, Gary, Jim, Sean and Bobby. Cece, Jim and Bobby came all the way up from Marwood Veneer in Indiana, Gary and Sean were here from Kingston Ontario. All of these people teach classes in their local areas and have upgraded their board-building skills now that they finished this intensive course. Awesome!

If you'd like to join a class and learn the inside scoop from our expert team, watch for facebook posts on upcoming Train-the-Trainer sessions, or check the Get Inspired area of our website for more information.