Summer of the Build

To kick off the beginning of the Summer Season, we have been working hard to bring builders around the world some exciting new promotions! These products are meant for builders who want to get an introduction to making their first custom skateboards, as well as advanced builders who may want to step up their production over the summer months.

Introducing, the Summer of the Build!


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These promotional products will be available to order online until September 2nd, 2013.

Here's a look at each product in more detail:

Order a 20x70 TAP Kit with FREE shipping here

We want people building boards using our Thin Air Press vacuum bag system. To help encourage builders to give it a try (or to add another bag to their shop), we are offering the 20" x 70" TAP Kit with free shipping within Canada and USA. The 20" x 70" bag is the most appropriate sized bag for building custom boards using uncut sheets of veneer. 

Click to order the TAP Bag Production Bundle with FREE shipping

The TAP Bag Production Bundle is a great way to set yourself up with a small army of Thin Air Press vacuum bags at an affordable price. For $249.99 we will pack a box with everything needed to operate three of our 20" x 70" TAP bags. Including a manual hand pump, breather netting for all three bags and a 50' roll of replacement sealing tape! That's over $40 in saving from ordering these products individually, and we are also offering free shipping on this product to customers in the USA and Canada. 

Click here to get your 7 Decks x 8 Layer veneer pack with a FREE TAP Kit!

One of our most popular promotions from years past was the 7 Decks x 8 Layers Longboard Veneer with a FREE TAP Kit... well, it's back!! This is perfect for anyone who wants to make eight layer decks using our Thin Air Press Kit. Even if you make decks with less than eight layers, this is a whole whack load of veneer for a very good price ($3.93/sheet) + a FREE TAP Kit valued at $100!

And last, but not least....

For more info on ordering a Summer Sampler, click the photo above

Last year we introduced the Summer Sampler promotion and it was a real hit with our builders. We got a lot of positive feedback about being able to mix, match and test the Maple and Birch veneers. So this year we wanted to sweetin the pot a little bit, and added a few extra goodies and options. Not only will you get nine layers each of our Maple and Birch 1/16" Longboard veneers, a 20" x 70" TAP Kit and a 2" thick slab of high density foam - but we have also added in a small hand tool that works great for shaping your foam mold.

You will also get your choice of either the NEW RockitRuler 2.0 (now with New School AND Old School truck holes) or a Roarockit branded shop apron. The shop apron is made from a heavy duty black fabric, and is covered in the same vinyl that our vacuum bags are made from... this means that glue won't stick to it and/or your favourite t-shirt! 

Also, just for fun, we are going to throw in a bundle of (5) random skateboard stickers, an issue of Concrete Wave magazine... OH, and FREE shipping to customers in the USA and Canada!!

*unfotunately we cannot offer free shipping to US customers in Hawaii and Alaska  

PHEW! Now that we've laid it all out there for you, if you have any other questions about these products or promotions, feel free to email  or call us toll free @ 1-888-857-7790. We hope that everyone has a great summer of building boards and we would love to see some of what you come up with!

Remember: It's easy to break the mold, when you make the mold :)