Concrete Wave I

You may have already seen this, but the Rockit Talk community blog has made it to the pages of Concrete Wave magazine! From digital to print in just over a year, we are extremely proud to share your stories on the pages of this incredible magazine. 

The Spring 2013, Vol.11 No.5 issue is the first to feature the Rockit Talk column. In case you missed it, or don't get Concrete Wave in your area (what the !$@#?), you can check out the two page spread below. 

Our goal is to help bring exposure to the independent board building community and all the amazing DIY innovation that comes from them. From builder profiles to events, and even a section of board building tips & tricks, we look forward to helping grow the community through this new medium.

 If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Rockit Talk post, please email submissions or ideas to