Color Veneer Sampler

So for those of you who don't know, we (Roarockit) stock these beautiful colour-infused maple veneers for building custom boards with. They are the same colour veneers that we include in our Lil' Rockit preshaped veneer sets, and builders have been accenting their boards with these veneers for years. We also like to use them for building our own boards after hours.


Since we do so many different projects with these coloured veneers, we are also left with a whole bunch of offcuts. These offcuts are just way too pretty to throw in the garbage, so we've been putting them aside trying to think of the best way to make use of them.

We've made a few different styles of toe stops, jewelry and even a fancy fingerboard just for fun... but we wan't you to have a chance to make use of these unique colour offcuts as well!

Introducing, the Colour Veneer Sampler :)

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This 'box-o-fun' is packed to the brim with randomly cut, 1/16" thick colour veneer offcuts!

The box itself is 17" x 9" x 8" and contains approximately 13lbs (or 6000 in²) of beautiful and unique pieces for any project you can come up with. 


Most of the pieces in the box are about 10-14" long and 3-6" wide, which makes them large enough to still do some pretty cool projects with. We try and cut off any ragged edges before we pack them, but due to the nature of these being offcuts we make no guarantees as to what colours or sizes you will get in each box. 

There will be a limited number of these available for purchase at a given time. When we get enough scraps to fill another box, we will post it up for sale online. 

Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have about this, or any other product we carry.