Oasis Grad 2013

Friday, June 14 - Students, teachers, friends and family gathered at Roarockit's teaching facility to celebrate the successful completion of the Oasis Skateboard Factory's 4th year. The innovative program uses skateboard and street art design to re-engage students and help them graduate by earning high school credits. 


The Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF) has taken our Thin Air Press technology to places we could have never imagined, and we are always so honoured to host their year end graduation party! 

Here's a few photos from this years event:


Students show up early to set up for the evening's festivitiesStudent made skateboards and t-shirts line the walls of RoarockitRoarockit owners Norah and Ted (in Hawaii), were there in spirit..and cardboard cutout form!Rob from Bombora Boards lends a hand rolling the delicious artisan antojitosStudents cheer on their classmates as they receive awards and prizes for their accomplishments.


Everyone was so proud of this student, who received her high school diploma this year!

We want to thank everyone who helped make this year such a success. Craig and Lauren, the incredible teachers who take the time to make this program happen. The members of the Oasis Alternative Secondary School, Toronto District School Board and community council who have supported the OSF for the past four years. The creative and passionate OSF students, both past and present... and the small team here at Roarockit - Norah, Ted, Chris, Marcel, Matt, Alice and Rob - Yaaa, we did a pretty good job too :) haha

Now, time to prepare for next semester's orientation!