Clamping Tips

If you plan on using any external clamps for a project in your Thin Air Press bag, make sure to use rounded or padded blocks in between the clamp and the vinyl of your bag. This helps prevent the metal clamp ends from damaging your bag or putting unneccessary stress any one spot. 

A great example of this is the common practice of using clamps to help achieve a super tight bend in a drop deck. By applying clamps to a block that runs along the apex of your drop bend, it can really help ensure a strong lamination in these areas. 


Notice how the blocks are placed on the outside of the bag with only the nicely rounded edges making contact with the bag. This will help prevent unnecessary force being applied directly to the bag itself.


You can make blocks like this using a variety of materials. Anything that will provide some relief between the metal and vinyl should help prevent your bag from getting damaged. 


This method can also help with bending concave