Breather Netting Tips

The length of Breather Netting provided with the Thin Air Press vacuum bag is used to prevent the valve from sticking directly to your project, and allows for even evacuation of air when using the hand pump. Without it, the opening on the inside of your grey valve where air is drawn out of will get blocked by your project and will prevent the pump from pulling out any air from the bag. Extending the length of breather netting to the far ends of your bag will also help make sure all air is drawn out easily.


Depending on the kit, you will usually get either 4' or 6' of netting, which is more than enough for any project. Once your project is inside the bag, place your Breather Netting directly under the valve.


The job that the Breather Netting does can be achieved with different materials in a pinch. If you cannot find your length of netting while pressing up a project, you can use something porous like a cloth or even a sock to help the air evenly evacuate. 


Many builders over the years have also asked us about the difference between the Red and Black netting we supply. Truth be told, it is the exact same stuff. So don't be concerned about receiving a different colour length than you may have worked with in the past.. we just like to change things up every once in a while ;)