Archer Boards

Dave Archer (Archer Boards) has sent us images of some of his most recent hand-painted custom boards. We think his designs are really out there!

Here's what Dave has to say about his board building process:

"I have 6 models that I make. With and without flares. I have also started making a skate board version, the boards are a no kick, single kick up to a double kick. Usually a 5/8 to 3/4 inch concave, all longboards are 7 layer Canadian maple. Skateboards are 6 layer. I made all my own Styrofoam moulds and I use the Roarockit TAP 14 x 47" to do all the boards.

As far as painting, I started watching You Tube videos about spray paint art and figured I should try it. I don’t care so much for decals and wanted something different. I never copy a picture but do get ideas about how to turn it around and make it mine. I've always loved woodworking and really enjoy making the boards, My boards are available in Hamilton at Varnetta and this year I will be at Hamilton's Art Crawl hopefully spreading the word about Archer Boards. I really appreciate the interest."

Way to go Dave, keep on building!

Archer Boards