Manitoba Marquetry

Recently, we had a fellow named Jeff purchase one of our 26" x 28" woodworking TAP bags.  We helped him with a few questions he had about the product, and proceeded to send him the kit and some extra sealing tape. Within a few short weeks, the Manitoba native sent us an email with some very kind words and a few great pictures of the marquetry project he created with the kit.  

"I just want you to know how great the TAP is... I'm so happy I stumbled on a hand alternative to expensive and complicated vacuum press systems... Thanks again for a wonderfully simple way to vacuum press!"

04.04.12 pics 012.jpg

" brother and I  collaborated on building a wine cabinet for my daughter's upcoming wedding and I did 4 marquetry panels, two each for the two doors. Very personalized: My daughter is a professional ballerina and fiance was college football player and attended U. of South Carolina (hence the fightin' gamecock)."

04.04.12 pics 006.jpg
04.04.12 pics 007.jpg
04.04.12 pics 009.jpg

Very nice work Jeff.  We appreciate the compliments and are blown away by your handy work.  

Keep on pressin!!