Unikorn Longboards

Recently we had two gentlemen from Montreal visit the RockitLab here in Toronto. They brought along a few of their handmade longboards, with some incredible laser engraved artwork. We would like to welcome Francis and Vincent from Unikorn Longboards to the Roarockit family!


Unikorn Longboards are generally made with a bamboo core. When the guys came to visit the shop, we introduced them to our new 1/16” Birch veneers, a locally grown bamboo alternative. They took a few boards worth of material home, and ended up pressing that same night!

Here's what they said about their visit, and working with the Birch:

“As soon as we got back home (9:30 pm) we pressed a board with the birch right away. It came out really well, it's a little stiffer than our bamboo ones and a little heavier but it might be for the best. The bamboo boards would actually twist a bit length wise but the birch doesn't. It might be only due to the fact that we have more layers then before and so more layers of glue. The extra layers of glue should help it keep its shape longer though... I actually believe that the board is more responsive then with the thick bamboo, probably do to the fact that it doesn't twist.”


You can get more information about Unikorn Longboards @ www.unikorn.ca ... and make sure to 'Like' their new Facebook page.


We look forward to more great work from these talented builders. Keep up the good work guys!