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Ian Smith is a whiz at marquetry! We've admired his work in the past and it just gets better and better. Here is an updated post of some of his more recent works of art.


Ian Smith is based in Manchester, UK and had been tweeting about his use of our Thin Air Press vacuum bag for his marquetry work. We contacted him through his Twitter handle @marquetryshack to find out more.


Ian had some amazing things to say about using the TAP bag to press down his veneers onto a solid substrate. He also sent us photos of some recently finished projects, and even made a video showing us how he uses the 26" x 28" TAP bag in his marquetry work

*BUILDER TIP* from Ian Smith

"Because marquetry veneers are so thin they can get easily warped and gnarly. When you stick them down there is a danger that they will blister. My solution is to soak the warped veneer, place it between to mdf sheets, then put it in the TAP for 24 hours. Result - a perfect flat veneer."

We would like to send a HUGE thank you to Ian at The Marquetry Shack for submitting this great content and the kind words that went along with it.

Make sure to check out more of his bespoke marquetry work!

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