Teach a skateboarder to woodwork or vice versa

Matt Berger has been a big voice in the woodworking community for a long time. But he's a young voice and he's been instrumental in getting young people interested in woodworking! 

While working at Fine Woodworking magazine Matt bought a few of our kits and did some beautiful marquetry on the longboards! He wrote and published an article which you can read at the link below. 


Marquetry and long boarding are two of Matt's passions, this project combines both of them! Since the article, he has published his own book called the Handmade Skateboard. We sell it right here on this website!!


Matt explains marquetry in the article....

"Marquetry is an image or design in wood that is comprised of colorful veneers taped together like puzzle pieces. Once taped into a single sheet, the marquetry veneer is laminated to the underside of the skateboard deck using the same vacuum bag technique described above. With some final sanding and several coats of an oil/varnish mix, the board was ready to ride."


"Over the last decade I've met several people like me who enjoy woodworking and making custom skateboard decks. I've also seen how this project can turn an unwitting young skateboarder into a woodworker. Roarockit sponsors deck building workshops around the U.S. and Canada and has introduced woodworking to a lot of young people.

I have a special appreciation for this when I think about the decreasing number of industrial education programs in public schools, which used to play a huge role in getting the word out about woodworking. So even if you're not ready to hop on a skateboard, you might consider trying out a Roarockit kit with someone who is and introducing a skateboarder to woodworking."

We could't agree more Matt - well said!!!!

For the full article in Fine Woodworking magazine, click here