How do you inspire an 8th Grader?

Just ask Andy Hahn, the teacher at an inner city school in east Los Angeles (KIPPLA).

He's written to tell us that he uses building Roarockit skateboards to encourage students to keep their grades high especially through the last part of the year.

If they do well and maintain a 85% GPA, attendance is good and they are an overall nice person, they are allowed to build their own skateboard! 

Using the curriculum that Andy has created, the students memorize and learn about mathematics, geometry, history, language and most importantly, character development!!

Andy has generously allowed us to make his curriculum available to anyone who'd like to use it themselves. We can't say it enough times, Andy, you're terrific!! Click on the illustration to see the PDF, open and save it for the best results.

We think teachers like Andy are the best ever. Especially as when the budget was too tight, he put up his own money and also managed to convince another donor to do likewise - all for the success of these students! Great work Andy!  

He even brought in some Hollywood talent to add inspiration to the already stoked group!

Selfie-time! Showing off those handmade, hand painted Roarockit custom skate decks!

Then time to teach each other how to ride their boards.

Knowledge-sharing + teamwork = success!

Kudos to you Andy, these students won't forget what they learned in your class!