Skateboards are GREEN

Making Skateboards is even GREENER!

Roarockit Skateboard kits are composed of locally available materials. Especially the all-important maple veneer, which is grown, harvested and milled in the very long, very cold winters of north eastern Canada.

Skateboards contribute many environmental benefits to our society:

  • Skateboards are non-powered eco-friendly transportation
  • Skateboards are a non-cost form of exercise

Roarockit Skateboard Deck Kits and the skateboard carbon footprint:

  • the best skateboard wood in the world is locally grown (specifically Canadian) hard maple veneer
  • maple logs are simply rotary cut into sheets and kiln dried
  • wood is not heavily processed with bleaches, pesticides and glues (like bamboo)
  • transport of materials is local, not off-shore
  • no power tools are used for this deck building process
  • kit parts are all (or almost all) reusable and or recyclable
  • kits are designed for years of use
  • kits can be used for other laminated projects, not just skateboards
  • finished decks are built to last many years, not disposable
  • hand deck building supports local businesses and workers
  • hand deck building promotes do-it-yourself projects instead of offshore and off the shelf purchases
  • custom deck building provides a potential local business to small builders
  • using locally grown, harvested and manufactured products keep our local economies strong