How to do it

Teacher’s Kits are the very best way to become familiar with the deck building process, available in three shapes.

Lil'Rockit Teacher's Double Kit

Lil'Rockit Teacher's Double Kit

Street Deck Teacher's Double Kit

Street Deck Teacher's Double Kit

Pintail Teacher's Double Kit

Pintail Teacher's Double Kit

These kits include 2 sets of veneer and glue as well as ALL the reusable tools, materials, instructions plus a mini-curriculum to help you set up your own class program.

Start by using one set of veneer and glue to actually build one deck following the instructions and learning the system with your own hands-on session. Use the other set as a demonstration for your school administration, to promote interest in your classes or group, or incorporate the extra set during the first class session.

The foam mold, Thin Air Press and tools are all reusable, and can be used for many many builds.

Even if your school is equipped with parts included in these kits, we highly recommend at least one Teacher’s Kit, so that the full experience of laminating and finishing process is understood.

What materials do I need for a class?

School Multi-packs designed for 10 and 20 students are an easy way to outfit a class or group quickly. 

All materials and tools are available individually from Roarockit by order form, download the pdf or request one by email. The order will enable you to pick only the items you need. Simply enter the quantity for each item and email it back to us for a shipping quote to your door. 

You can also email or phone us and we can work together to create a detailed list and budget to get your class building boards. 


This is a major issue with almost all schools. While we frequently get requests for donations, what we offer instead are suggestions on how schools have found a way to start up a skateboard building program for their students.

The start-up portion of setting up a class can quickly use up a budget. However once the tools are invested in, they are reusable and only require glue and veneer to continue building decks in class after class.

GRANTS: are perfect to cover the initial investment of the reusable tools. Materials can then be self-sustaining through sales or auctions of finished decks. (many schools require students to build 2 decks per term for this reason).

MATERIALS FEE: on a per-student basis, collect the cost of the “consumable” items (veneer and glue) instead of using the yearly budget.

SKATEBOARD FACTORY: generate a self-sustaining program by operating a company store and generating income through sales. Offer a credit or life skills course for the management of this program.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP: through personal, school and community connections.

MENTORSHIP PROGRAMMING: budgets may be available to groups that involve mentorship. Match up pairs of under and over achievers to create a learning and support system within your own classroom.

CREATIVE RESOURCES: many schools have budgets set aside for specially mandated programs. Recently we heard from an enterprising teacher who started a "Stop Smoking" After School program because she discovered there was a budget available for it. It was enough to get 12 students to stop smoking, (at least for a while) and each one ended up making a custom skateboard. A win-win!