Builder Profile: Stephanie and her Wittleboardz

Some people have big dreams but in Stephanie's case she has little ones, aka "Wittle dreams". Wittleboardz is Stephanie's micro longboard cruiser line that she makes in her garage in Pacific Beach, San Diego. They are all made with Roarockit bamboo veneer! We sat down with Stephanie to find out what the fun is all about. 

Hello Stephenie how are you today? Can you tell me a little about your Wittleboardz?  

Hello Jonathan!! I am having an awesome day today, thanks for askin'! Wittleboardz are back-pack sized 100% bamboo mini cruiser boards. They ride just like a longboard and carve even better. They even come with LED light up wheels to keep u safer in high traffic areas. They're "travel-size" boards!! "Ride 'em and Hide 'em" is our motto. Wittleboardz will get you where you're going & when u get there, slide them in your backpack & zip it up as if they were never there!

What got you into creating mini sized cruisers? 

My buddy and I decided to make our own longboards almost 2 years ago. The board I made was a 27" cruiser style and as you know, the bamboo sheets are 46" long so I had 19" leftover of some fine laminated bamboo. I jokingly made a "Wittle Board" version of it, slapped a set of trucks and wheels on it, grabbed my buddy and left to head to Pacific Beach, San Diego to try out our new boards. 

I decided to try out the Wittle one for fun and I couldn't believe how amazingly smooth it cruised down the boardwalk!! On this short cruise, I got stopped between 15-20 times by strangers... "Where'd you get that little board?", "Never seen a board like that!!" I even had someone try to buy it off me for his daughter. 

After that experience, I knew I had something I wanted to share with the world!

How did you find out about Roarockit and got you using our bamboo?  Why bamboo? 


My buddy had ordered our original shipment of material from you guys. The bamboo was beautiful, had great patterns for the top & bottom layers to showcase the beauty of bamboo. So after saving and planning and saving a little more, I started Wittleboardz Skate Co with my first order from you guys almost one year ago.

I used bamboo because its strong, flexible, beautiful and most importantly its SUSTAINABLE. It takes an average of 6 months to replenish itself versus the beautiful trees that we need so much more of for so many reasons taking years and years to grow back.

Do you use our Thin Air Press to create these boards? 

With a big emphasis on the word "unfortunately".... no I don't. I am starting up the company from scratch, putting everything I had into it, physically, mentally, financially, emotionally. I've made my own molds out of scrap wood, pvc pipe & foam. 

My next major purchase will be the Roarockit Thin Air Press. I know that they'll make my job SOOOOO much easier! They just haven't been in the budget as of yet.

What is your favorite size "Wittleboard"? Do you ever get to cruise the streets of SoCal with these "Wittle" things?  

My favorite Wittle board is the original Wittle pintail. I've got 3 of my own of which I choose to take with me EVERYWHERE! I try to take public transit and trains if possible to do my part for the environment and always have my Wittle one with me to get me around. The best way to market these Wittleboardz is to show off their skills on the streets!!

What makes them more fun then plastic Penny boards?  

Well first and foremost, they are HANDMADE, hand-shaped and hand-painted. You could never say that about those plastic boards! Penny boards don't have the maneuverability like the Wittleboardz. Our boardz are shorter, wider and come with 8" Gullwing trucks. When you get good on your Wittle one, you can literally self-propel yourself on level ground. After, throw it in your back pack & walk right into class, your office, work, etc. 

You get local artists to paint all of your boards? What has been your favorite graphic?  

Actually, I do most of the artwork but I do have several local artists signed up & waiting to get their designs on our boards. They'll each have their own link on my website where their board designs, along with personal art they'd like showcased will be on display!! There are so many "starving artists" out there that deserve a chance to be seen and recognized!!

Thanks for all the fun! Any last words for the folks back home?

Just want to thank you and Roarockit for your time and support and the amazing opportunity you have given a simple southern California girl to create such a fun Wittle & unique mode of transportation. Keep your eyez open for the Wittle ones. The revolution begins!!