Builder Profile: Pocket Woodwork

Hi Steve, how are you today? Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I am a long time East Toronto resident, married, and the father of an amazing 14-year-old girl.

I teach at my local school, where for the past 12 years I have worked in special education, specifically with children with behaviour challenges. 


What got you into woodworking? How long have you been building?

I have always loved to create. In the past I was an amateur potter and for years was pretty obsessed with cooking and food.

I kind of stumbled into woodworking. About 2 years ago I saw some large live edge boards at a local shop and decided to make gifts for friends. While trying to source more wood I stumbled on a woodworking shop and met a few great and experienced woodworkers and they decided to allow me to rent space at their shop. It quickly evolved from there.


Do you use Roarockit products in the making of your work? How did you find out about us?

All my coloured projects use Roarockit veneer, I like it so much more than stains or paint. You can adjust the colour intensity by sanding and because the veneer is dyed I don't need to worry about small scratches or refinishing. I love just stopping by the shop and seeing what new colours you may have. For larger items I use your incredible TAP system, which has opened up many more options for me. It's simple, cost effective and I have always had excellent results. I found out about you guys online and luckily your space is in the same area of my previous shop and very close to home. 


What inspires you to create your pieces?

Sometimes the raw wood just speaks to you, but I always like to create things that are usable and durable. Most of my newer items are suggestions I get from friends and online followers who ask for custom work. If it is something I feel would be used by a bigger audience I tend to spend a few weeks making just that product. This is where I really love all the colour options I can get at Roarockit. I can really focus on a certain procedure while still being able to be creative and unique.


How do you decide what colour combinations to use in your pieces?

I like to think about what colours of veneer will either complement or contrast the solid wood I am using. I like to use multiple layers that will catch the eye and I feel that it is what makes my woodworking a little more modern and artistic.


If people wanted to find out more about your work, where can they see your creations and contact you?

Taryn O'Grady,
Social Media Expert, Roarockit Skateboard Company