Holiday Sales 2014

For the 2014 holiday season, the Roarockit Skateboard Company has some great promotions designed for both experienced board builders and those who want an introduction to building their own deck from scratch. 

First off, we have slashed prices on all of our Street Deck and Longboard sized veneer packs! 


This includes:

7 Layer Street Deck Sets (9.5" x 34") - 4 Decks, 10 Decks, 15 Decks, 20 Decks and 30 Decks

7 Layer Longboard Sets (12" x 48") - 2 Decks, 4 Decks, 10 Decks, 20 Decks and 30 Decks

9 Layer Longboard Sets (12" x 48") - 2 Decks, 4 Decks, 10 Decks, 20 Decks and 30 Decks

We are also offering a 15% discount on some of our board building Master Kits to encourage new builders to start making their own custom decks. These 'All-In-One' products come with everything needed to make one of three preshaped boards from start to finish, including glue, a 14”x47” Thin Air Press vacuum bag, maple veneers, a shaped foam mold, hand tools, sandpaper and more!

There are three different styles of boards to choose from:

Lil' Rockit Double KitLil' Rockit 4 Pack Kit

Street Deck Double KitStreet Deck Triple Kit

Pintail Double KitPintail Triple Kit

And don't forget about the new Handmade Skateboard book by Matt Berger! This book goes over the history of skateboard building and design, includes step-by-step instructions for 5 different skateboard builds, and profiles some of the top skateboard builders. This book is a great gift idea for anyone who likes working with their hands, and is available on our website along with all of our skateboard building tools and materials.