Roarockit Europe Q&A

Since getting back home to France and setting up the new Roarockit EU, Sarah and Nico have been busy with emails, phone calls, websites, shipping, translations and more! Still, they had time to do a little Q&A session about their time in Toronto and what to expect next.


What is your background in skateboarding?

Nico- I'm a keen street boarder, love riding half pipes, mini half pipes, cruising through the town centres and having fun in skate parks. I've never been an amazing skater, but often have my board with me; even while travelling around the world, I had a Penny attached to my back pack.

Sarah- I have never quite got the hang of a skateboarding, but enjoy watching others and have always read skateboarding magazines. I'm an athletic girl and have always been into sports and intrigued by extreme sports. On my recent travels I was introduced to the world of longboarding. Since I have built a few of them since then, I hope to spend more time riding one.


Nicolas designing his first custom mold at the Roarockit HQ in Toronto.

What made you want to get involved with Roarockit and bring it to Europe?

Sarah- Roarockit and its innovative technology has always been a fabulous product/concept in our eyes. However, partly due to high shipping costs, it has been hard to get in Europe and few people have had the chance to learn what it was all about and get involved with this amazing new invention. 

We realized that not only did we love the idea, but that there were a lot of other people who were asking for this sort of product this side of the Atlantic as well. So we asked whether there was a chance and a space for us to become involved with the Roarockit team, but in Europe. And, after much research, a trip to Canada to learn from the pros and several months of setting up, here we are. This is an opportunity of a life time and means that not only are we now the proud European team of Roarockit, we are also doing something we love and thoroughly believe in.

3) What is the skateboard community like in France/Europe?

Nico- There is a large skateboard community across the whole of Europe, for both street and longboarders. We have noticed that the communities of longboarders and mini cruisers have been expanding over the past few years and we believe the customization is a huge part of this growth.


Heading home to begin the new leg of their Roarockit adventure!

What was it like training here at Roarockit in Toronto?

Nico- An amazing experience! The whole team of the Roarockit Skateboard Company are great, always there to give advice and guide us with patience through the ins and outs of the concept.

Sarah- We learned a lot in the short period we were there, perhaps because their experience in board building is just incredible. Not only hard workers, the team knows how to turn the company into more: showing a high level of creativity, frequent new inventions and fun, people orientated events. The people, and the opportunity to contribute, makes the company something very special and well worth training to be a part of.


What has been the response so far in Europe?

Sarah- So far, more than positive. It seems people here in Europe have been quite keen to get their hands on the famous Canadian maple veneer and the Thin Air Press. It was a lot of work to try and make the product as affordable as possible, considering its high quality. Hopefully we have managed to succeed in this and sales so far have been very encouraging. Throughout the coming year, we aim to continue spreading the knowledge of our products and bringing something new to the European world of skateboarders.

What do you see in your future with Roarockit?

Nico- We plan to introduce Roarockit Thin Air Press Technology to as many board builders, schools, community organizations and individuals as possible. We aim to be creating and involved in local and national events, some similar to the Swap Meet that takes place in Toronto.