2013 Year in Review

2013 was one heck of a year! After getting settled into our new warehouse facility in 2012, the team at Roarockit refocused their efforts onto some new and pretty exciting projects for the board building community. Here's a recap of what we were able to accomplish this past year...enjoy!


In the early months of 2013, we had two very special guests stay with us at Roarockit. Sarah Jackson and Nicolas Alix spent nearly two months in Toronto learning about the custom board building business and training to become our official European branch of Roarockit. By August, the two young entrepreneurs had officially launched Roarockit EU and have been supplying the UK/EU with high quality products and materials (including 1/16” Canadian Maple) ever since.

Visit Roarockit EU by clicking the photo above

One of the last things we did this year, was also one of our most exciting developments! Right before Christmas, we announced the launch of our 1/16” Bamboo veneer. This is a really big deal for us. Having focused for years on supplying the world with the infamous 1/16” Canadian Maple veneers (and proudly doing so), we decided that we wanted to expand our material choices for custom board builders... Bamboo was the logical next step! Now builders can mix and match Maple, Birch and Bamboo to find that perfect combination.

Click photo for more information about our Bamboo stock

Next we have everyone's favourite skateboard/street art/high school program, the Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF). Now in their 5th year of operation, the ever-expanding OSF program is starting to get some serious recognition for innovation in education! Working closely with the teachers and students of the program, we were able to collaborate on some amazing events this year.

OSF x Longboard Living Product Launch - click for more photos

Board N' School Skateboard Art Auction - click for more photos

Oasis Graduation at Roarockit - click for more photos

OSF x Anomaly - click for more photos

After launching the RockitRuler in 2012, we received a lot of great feedback and were able to make a small adjustment to help improve the versatility of the popular tool. By adding two new holes, we were able to give the builder the option to layout both their new school AND old school truck hole setups.


Some other great events we were apart of:

Hosted the 6th Annual Swap Meet - Click for more photos Had a great time at Maker Faire TO - click for more photos

Other notable developments for 2013:

We always look forward to seeing what people are doing with our Roarockit Technology, and encourage builders around the world to contact us with any questions they may have about our tools and materials. 2014 should be a great year, so stay tuned and keep producing those high quality handmade goods! Happy New Year from the Roarockit Family :)