With over 10 yrs of experience helping people handcraft their own custom decks, Roarockit is now offering their DIY SK8 classes to a new generation of builder.

Introducing the NEW Roarockit Certified program!

Located at: 880 Millwood Rd. Toronto, ON - M4G 1X1

These classes are suitable for anyone 13+ and can be finished in (2) 3 hour sessions OR (3) 2 hour sessions. We will work with you to schedule times for your build dates, and can make custom arrangements if needed.

As part of this program, we are offering


There are six different styles of board that we have designed for you to make as part of Levels 1 and 2. In these builds, you will glue, press, cut, sand and finish your board using our mold and outline shape.

Level 1 (all preshaped builds) $220

Level 2 (Advanced builds – Our mold and template) $270

If none of those boards are what you're looking for, you can skip right ahead to our Level 3 class which enables the builder to design their own custom dream deck! You shape the mold, create a custom template for your outline shape and then bring your design to life by pressing and finishing your new board. 

Level 3 (Dream Build) $320

Students will gain experience in different areas of skateboard construction from each level of build.

Complete one board from each of the three levels of builds to earn a 10% discount card (good for skateboard building materials from the Roarockit Skateboard Company for life!) and become officially 'Roarockit Certified'. This shows everyone that you're an accomplished and knowledgeable board builder... and is a pretty cool certificate to hang proudly on your wall!

Check out our new Facebook page for class specific information, news and events. We are also planning to offer some unique classes for the upcoming year with some special guest instructors, so stay tuned!

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