Wakeskate Build & Review Pt.2

**This is the 2nd part of 'Frenique Customs' Wakeskate Build & Review.  A special thanks goes out to Matthew Richardson for taking the time to put together such an in-depth and helpful post.

I enjoyed the Canada Day weekened up at my cottage on Wenona Lake in Haliburton, Ontario.  With my new wakeskate board to try out, I made sure my Dad took me for my first ride with everyone up to watch this epic moment.  I did not get up my first time - the board slipped out from my feet.  Determined to suceed, I tried once more and I got up!!!! So much stoke was happenin at this moment.  I rode side to side, over the wake and I even tried to jump and spin!!! That did not work... yet, but I got back up and tried again.  


Knowing that I made my own wakeskate, and it actually worked was such an awesome feeling.  In the end, I learned a lot from the choices I made and now feel like the options are endless!

My 4 ply board was light, and unfortunately turned out to be a bit too thin.  I left it on my dock for the day, used it to jump into the water and tried to ride it again later.  It turned out that I cracked the bottom layer... It has not ruined the board, but I know now that 4 layers is too thin.  I want to try and rectify this problem by adding a layer of fiberglass cloth to the bottom.  I feel like it’s worth a try and with my experience working with fibreglass, I know I can add a ton of strength.  That being said, a 6 ply board is the next thing to do on my list of things to try, so maybe that one will hold up for a longer period of time.  

With all the extra time and decisions to make, patience and determination was key... and let me tell you, it was really worth it. Try it out youself and see what you can come up with!

Here is some pictures of me riding my first FRENIQUE “We’re Fresh and Unique” wakeskate.


You should make sure to check out, 'like' and read Frenique Customs' profile on Facebook. They have a great story and are building some awesome things like wooden ear plugs, Muskoka chairs, cabinetry, and of course - longboards.   

Here is a cool video from the 2012 Longboard4kids event on Matthew's new Youtube feed: