Light Bohrd

Almost everyday we get to see something cool that people are making with our Thin Air Press and other Roarockit products... but when this one came through, our eyes literally LIT UP!

If you haven't heard of them, you soon will... Roarockit is proud to present: LIGHT BOHRD


Chris Forgey is the President/Founder of the Texas based Light Bohrd, and is extremely excited (as we are) to finally bring his technology to market. To get an overview on what their doing to revolutionize the board sports world, here's some words from Mr. Forgey himself:

“We're making longboards and skateboards that feature illuminated graphics. We're the first company in the world to do this and have a patent pending for the idea and concept. Our boards have several unique features: the technology and components are fully embedded, no external wires, no external batteries. The lights in our boards are motion activated, we recharge our internal power source with a charger from PowerMat.

Our first priority is to build a premium longboard and skateboard. The reason its taken us so long to bring our product to market is the refinement we had to go through to have a product that had the performance and feel that we'd expect as riders ourselves. Then we wanted to add the cool feature of adding illuminated graphics.

We're excited about the product. Light Bohrd is sponsoring 3 riders at Maryhill this upcoming weekend. They'll be riding our pro-series board made for extreme downhill riding. This will be Light Bohrd's debut and we're ready.”

LB Inspection.jpg

Photo Above: A little quality assurance done by Light Bohrd's Product Engineer 


The Light Bohrd team at the 2012 Gnarathon

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