PINK Veneers!

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And now.... Pink Skateboards!

For far too long, Pink coloured veneers have eluded board builders around the world. For the first (and likely only) time, the Roarockit Skateboard Company has gotten a very special order of Pink Maple Street Deck, and Longboard veneers.

The colour on these limited edition veneers came out amazing! A vibrant, Magenta-like shade of Pink that has been described by some as 'Vivacious' and 'Pink Popsiclicious'! If the shade is a bit too dark for your liking, a thorough sanding will help to lighten it to more of a 'cotton candy' Pink.


Our builders for years have been asking about the possibility of Pink dyed veneers, and it has been a surprisingly difficult process to make this happen. After a few science lessons, a couple of long conversations and a bit of arm-twisting... we were finally able to get our standard high quality, 100% Canadian Maple, 1/16” veneers in Pink!

Quantities are limited, and we have 2 sizes available:

1/16” Street Deck Maple @ 10” x 35”

1/16” Longboard Maple @ 12” x 40”

We were able to get our standard Street Deck sizes veneers, but were only able to get Longboard stock at 40" in length.  Forunately, if you want to make a board using the Pink veneers, that is longer than 40", it is possible to join them to make a longer piece... this process can also make for some very unique board art! 


** Like our other Coloured veneers and RockitLam sheets, these must be ordered with another set of veneers or as a custom bundled order. This is done to ensure the veneers are not damaged in the shipping process.

If you need help putting together a custom order, feel free to contact us @

Toll Free 1-888-857-7790

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