Woodworking with Ron!

Ron Herman understands the nature of wood! And he is sharing that knowledge by hosting seminars at The Woodworking Shows currently on at this time of year. This year, Ron is offering a class on veneering and is showcasing our Thin Air Press and actually has some for sale!

If you are in the neighborhood for any of these shows, find Ron and see what he’s up to.


The Woodworking Shows are on now, and this is Ron’s veneer session schedule:

Indianapolis, IN - Feb. 1-3, 2019 (veneer class on Feb. 3)

St. Louis, MO - Feb. 8-10 2019 (veneer class Feb. 10)

Detroit, MI - Feb. 15-17 2019 (veneer class Feb. 17)

Milwaukee, WI - Feb. 22-24 2019 (veneer class Feb. 24)

Secaucus, NJ - March 1-3 2019 (veneer class March 3)

Columbus, Oh - March 8-10 2019 (veneer class March 10)

Atlanta, GA - March 15-17 2019 (veneer class March 17)

Chantilly, VA - March 22-24 2019 (veneer class March 24)