Home Schooling in Arizona

Our favorite home-school mom Debbie Gillespie let us know about a project that three students Carson, Luke and Clay created to use skateboard-making as a project for class.  


The students did all the research themselves for how they wanted to build their boards. They settled on a Roarockit pre-shaped kit to start, but quickly moved into more advanced custom builds.

Debbie's son Reagan and his fellow students Carson, Luke, Clay and Keane are skilled at woodworking and also work as shop hands for a local woodworking shop. They take much pride in their work and are eager to learn from all the resources available for them. 


To ensure they were on the right track, Debbie asked us at Roarockit if we would do an online meeting to which we replied "of course!". Marcel and Tamalei hooked up via video and were able to answer questions based around the discussion and the boards the guys were showing them. 


Debbie was instrumental in getting this course running. She's also an inspiration to her local educators. Here's what Debbie had to say when it was suggested that this was only a course for male students:

"Sometimes, as moms/mothers/girlie types, it’s just easier to throw together a class on cupcake making or nail painting… but when you stop and ask what the kids want they, it's real skills! Using tools! Creating something that can’t be made in an hour but takes time to think through! Crawl out of that box and give them real world skills to be proud of and carry on to adulthood!"

Well said Debbie and we couldn't agree more!!


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For more information about Debbie's home school group at the Branches Homeschool Community, contact them here.