Veneer - Check

Glue - Check

Press and Mold - Check

Grip Tape? WE DO NOW!! 


It's a natural fit... If you're going to buy quality skateboard veneers and make your own custom deck, you might as well grab enough grip tape for your boards from the same place too, right?!


Roarockit now offers two different types of high quality grip tape for board builders:

9" Wide Street Deck - Offers a fine grit grip for skateboards and mild cruising. Sold in 34" lengths to match the dimensions of our Street Deck sized Maple veneers.

11" Wide Longboard Coarse - This coarse grip tape will really lock your feet in place while riding downhill and busting out slides. It comes in 48" lengths to match the dimensions of our Longboard sized Maple, Birch and Bamboo veneers. 

We are currently offering the grip tape as an add-on to our veneer pack products, and also selling it in packs of 5 on its own.

If you would like to inquire about custom quantities or lengths, feel free to call or email

TOLL FREE # 1-888-857-7790

Local # 1-416-422-5487