Teacher Training

2-Day Training Session

Participants will learn the process of building skateboards and how to run their own skateboard-building programs. Each person will receive a Roarockit workbook with curriculum to discuss class set ups, teaching, safety, administration and funding. Each person will glue, laminate and finish their own maple Street Deck skateboard.

A certificate will be issued to those who complete the two full-day sessions.


Details & Notes

Clothing: Please wear work clothes for each session. Although the glue and finish we use are water-based, they do not come out of fabrics (clothing and shoes included). 

Sanding generates sawdust and some airborne dust particles, we do provide dust filter masks if required.

Allergies: Please let us know if you, have any special concerns or allergies. 

Safety: if your finished skateboard will have hardware attached to it and be ridden on, make sure you wear appropriate safety gear! Roarockit promotes the wearing of an approved helmet AT ALL TIMES. Skate safely and within your abilities!

Teacher Training Session includes:

Two six-hour sessions on two separate days to allow for drying time in between, and to cover the material required.


$1600.00 for up to 5 participants

Add $50 for each additional person


Toronto ON

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Wheels, trucks and grip tape are not included.

Day 1: 

Morning Session 2.5 hours    

  • introduction to skateboard deck building using Thin Air Press vacuum technology
  • demonstration of the process
  • hands-on building session 

-- Lunch Break --

Afternoon Session 3.5 hours

  • workbook handouts
  • discussion of skateboard technology: conventional building, wood-related topics, glue, laminating techniques in other industries, physics of vacuum
  • time management of running a class program
  • graphics session: paint methods and design criteria, skateboard/pop culture, graffiti art, logo and intellectual property discussion

Day 2:  

Morning Session 2.5 hours

  • opening of Thin Air Press vacuum bags, lesson on hand-finishing decks
  • practical working session to smooth and shape wood decks
  • technical details regarding finish techniques using water-based paint-on finishes

-- Lunch Break --

Afternoon Session 3.5 hours

  • final sanding and coating of decks with prep-coat for paint
  • graphics session: design and application of graphics to prepared decks
  • expanding the program: discussion of taking the program to another level, such as apprentice training, mentoring, fundraising, or other outreach opportunities
  • final discussion

How to Register

Please contact Norah at Roarockit to book a time for your training sessions in Toronto.