Free School Demos

Bring your class to us

Roarockit offers free in-house demos to local schools. Bring your class to us and for an hour, we will give your students a tour, hold a discussion about skateboard building then get everyone’s Hands-On-Deck to build a Street Deck! 

Both students and teachers take away the knowledge about how to build skateboards in the classroom. 




What we cover:

  • a tour of the Roarockit Skateboard Company 
  • a discussion about skateboard materials
  • how skateboards are built
  • skateboard materials (wood veneer, glue etc)
  • the Roarockit method of pressing decks is explained, from gluing, pressing, sanding to finishing
  • how to put graphics on a custom skateboard

The Hands-On Skateboard Build:

This is where we have All-Hands-On-Deck!

Students are involved with the process of gluing and pressing a 7-layer maple Street Deck using the Roarockit method.



This is our way of giving back to our local community

Times & Location:

Monday to Fridays, 10 - 6 pm, call to set up your time

Location: 131 Sunrise Avenue, Unit 4a, Toronto ON M4A 1B2

There is ample parking, even for a school bus.

We can accommodate up to 22 students plus their teachers and assistants.

Wheel Chair accessible.

Photo 2016-11-09, 11 03 25 AM.jpg


Clothing: Please wear work clothes for this session. Although the glue and finish we use are water-based, they do not come out of fabrics (clothing and shoes included). 

Sanding generates sawdust and some airborne dust particles, we do provide dust filter masks if required.

Allergies, Needs or Concerns: Please let us know if there are any issues before you arrive.

How to Register

Please contact Norah at Roarockit to arrange a time for your class demo session at our Toronto location.