The Roarockit Skateboard Company is again hosting this years Annual Swap Meet. Not only does the Swap Meet mark the unofficial launch of the new skate season, but it also the time when local board builders start planning for the Summer ahead.  We will be offering some great deals for this special day, and as always FREE BBQ!! 

The theme of this years special is "Become a Pro Builder Today!"

What we are offering is a chance to walk away with EVERYthing you need to start building your own custom skate/longboard decks, including a few brand new products we are very proud of - such as our brand new High Density Foam and the innovative Rockit Ruler!

You can get great deals on almost all of our every day products, including Titebond III glue, 1/16" maple veneers and 20"x70" TAP bags - but most exciting is the fact that you can walk away with ALL of these products for the low package price of $225!! That's over $40 in savings.

The total package includes:

1-   20"x70" TAP Kit (our most popular vacuum bag)

18- Sheets of 12"x48" maple veneer (enough for two, 9 layer decks)

1-   2" Slab of High Density Foam (used to make your own custom mold)

1-   Gallon bottle of Titebond III glue (best glue for building boards)

1- Rockit Ruler (used for marking centerline and aligning truck holes)

Items will also be available individually, but this is a ONE DAY ONLY promotion.


We look forward to seeing everyone out again this year, and hopefully a few new faces as well!

The Swap Meet will be located at Roarockit's Teaching Facility located at 880 Millwood Rd. Toronto ON M4G 1X1 on Sunday March 25th from 12pm-4pm