Teacher Profile: Bonnie Thoe-Austin in Minnesota

Teacher Profile: Bonnie Thoe-Austin in Minnesota

Bonnie Thoe-Austin is a high school shop teacher that uses skateboard building as a way to engage struggling students by applying math to “real life” using the Roarockit method.

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Week Long Build Sessions

Roarockit offers full-week building programs, designed for you to build your own dream board with one of our experienced instructors! 


There will be 5 seperate sessions held in our Professional Deck Making School, located at 880 Millwood Road in Toronto, over the next year.  

The Session Dates:

March Break - 2013

Monday March 11 to Friday March 15

9:00 am - 11:30 am (12.5 hours total)

July Summer Camp 1 - 2013

Monday July 8 to Friday July 12

9:00 am - 11:30 am (12.5 hours total)

July Summer Camp 2 - 2013

Monday July 29 to Friday August 2

9:00 am - 11:30 am (12.5 hours total)

August Summer Camp - 2013

Monday August 19 to Friday August 23

9:00 am - 11:30 am (12.5 hours total)


Choose to make a skate deck, pintail, top-mount speedboard, our new Lil' Rockit or a more advanced drop deck. With an experienced instructor to show you the steps and share all the builder’s tricks and tips, you will produce a seriously awesome board the very first time, and will be able to continue making boards with your new-found knowledge.

Using the best wood in the world for a skateboard (Canadian maple), you’ll learn how to laminate a 3 dimensional board in a Thin Air Press, finish it, design and apply your own graphics. Using Roarockit’s patented method, your quality board will be entirely hand-made, using the power of vacuum, no power tools required.

As there is drying time between many of the steps, skateboard building requires multiple sessions to complete the stages. Sessions are planned so that all the steps are completed by the end of the 5 day program, so attendance at all 5 days is required. Space is limited, so submit your application early to ensure your spot!

What’s included:

The materials and use of our tools to create a custom board. During the 5 sessions, you will prep sheets of Canadian maple, glue up and press them in a Thin Air Press, over a mold. You sand and finish the edges top and bottom, clear coat and apply your own graphics to finish up your board.

What’s not included:

Wheels and trucks, hardware or grip tape

Feel free to contact us for more information:

Phone 1-416-422-5487

Email - marcel@roarockit.com

March Break - Drop Deck Class

Roarockit Skateboard Company in partnership w/ Longboard Living are proud to present our brand new March Break Drop Deck Build!!


We have developed the FIRST EVER, clampless and precut - 1" drop deck build! 

Over the course of 5 days you will be taken through the step-by-step process of laying out, pressing and decorating your very own Drop Deck Longboard. This special class will first take place during the Ontario school semesters March Break, and is limited to 10 students aged 10-16.  

Not only will you walk away with your own hand-built and custom decorated 1" Drop Deck. But you will also receive all the hardware needed to setup your new ride (including wheels, trucks, bearings, grip and hardware), a helmet, t-shirt and a celebratory pizza lunch on the last day!!  

The cost of the course is $439 + hst, and will take place at Roarockit's Professional Board Building School located @

880 Millwood Rd. Toronto, ON - M4G 1X1

It will run from:

Monday, March 12 - Thursday, March 15 from 9:00am - 11:30am

with the final class taking place:

Friday, March 16th from 9am-5pm

But wait, there's MORE!

You will also receive a lesson on how to setup your new board, and tips on riding a drop deck from a Longboard Living representative.

BackNEW llxRRdf.jpg

We are extremely excited to offer this brand new class, and it is sure to be a great time!  If you are interested in signing up you can download our Sign Up Sheet located at the link below.  Fill it out and either email or fax it back to us to reserve your spot.  

Entry is based on a First Come (and PAID) First Served basis.

March Break 1" Drop Deck Build - Sign Up Sheet HERE

EMAIL Forms - chris@roarockit.com

FAX Forms - 416 422 1172

Feel free to phone or email us with any questions regarding the classes


Toll Free 1-888-857-7790