schools around the world

Workshops and classes are being taught with Roarockit technology around the world. We hope you find a school that teaches skateboard building in your area through this page.

We encourage team leaders to let us know where they are so that more builders can design and build custom boards.



Greenwood+ Studio

Turning ideas into actions!

Our programs and workshops support self-directed learning and collaboration through an integrative process that follows the natural curiosity, interests, and passions of our participants, and ignites the drive to explore, understand, practice and create. Visit Site »

Haliburton School of the Arts (Fleming College)

Youth/Teen Build Your Own Skateboard Deck
Use the innovative techniques created by the Roarockit Skateboard Company to build your own skateboard deck. Learn how to build a professional quality longboard or street deck. Visit Site »

Black Wood Boardz (Calgary AB)

It's Longboarding Season!
Using the Roarockit method of building, participants make their own longboard using select Canadian hard maple veneer. This is a hands-on workshop in which you learn design, mold making, veneer glue up, vacuum pressing and finishing. Visit Site »

Art Gallery of Ontario

Free After Three
The AGO's FREE After Three programming is the place to be for youth ages 14 to 25. Participate in graffiti/aerosol art-making, skateboard building, stop-motion animation and break-dancing workshops. Visit Site »

United States


Pratt Fine Arts Center

Brian Watson says, "Don't just buy a skateboard deck. MAKE ONE." Each student in his class will not only build a Lil'Rockit mini-cruiser, but they will also be adding the fine art of marquetry to their boards. Visit Site » 

Stoked Mentoring

Stoked was formed to engage both mentors and mentees through their After School programs with 3 action board sports, snowboarding, surf boarding and skateboarding! Stoked also brings skateboard building into local schools in NYC and LA and Chicago. Visit Site »


In Campbell, California, Matt Berger of SK8Makers is on a mission to build and inspire a global community of garage-shop skateboard makers and artisans. Classes are offered in building skateboards, using Roarockit's method of building. Visit Site »

After School Matters

in Chicago Illinois, After School Matters has three neighborhood After School programs where high school students can learn life skills and build a skateboard too.
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Port Townsend School of Woodworking

Kids of all ages (10 and up) can build their own skateboards at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking, Fort Worden WA. This class gives students the opportunity to develop woodworking skills and to create an artistic design using wood veneer. Visit Site »

Open Source Boards

Started by skater/mechanical engineer
Beau Trifiro, Open Source Skateboards is a skateboard business based in San Diego, CA that’s promoting science, technology, and creativity with skateboards. Beau teaches many classes in the SD area. 
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Ma Ka Hana Ka 'Ike (Hana Builds)

In Maui Hawaii, in the remote town called Hana, an enterprising teacher named Rick Rutiz had his high-school shop class practically build a skatepark themselves. As they are so remote, getting skateboards is a challenge. Through his non-profit organization Rick ensures that the entire community can make their own skateboard.  Visit Site »

The Crucible

Youth ages 12-18 can design and build their very own custom skateboards at The Crucible in Oakland, California. This class gives students the opportunity to learn woodworking techniques and the concepts of vacuum press veneering and bending wood using the Roarockit method. Visit Site »


Handsome & Co. School of Fine Woodworking and Design

Handsome & Co., Melbourne’s school of furniture design and fine woodworking, are hosting their very first bespoke skate deck workshop. If you’ve ever wanted to craft your own custom skate longboard, here’s your chance. Visit Site »


The FAR Academy

At the heart of the FAR Academy is the key message; Changing Lives Through Education and Skateboarding. Like traditional schools, FAR Academy will teach key academic and vocational qualifications that are tailored to the needs of the group or individual or can be embedded into existing state school programs. Visit Site »


Skateistan Cambodia

Thanks to a generous donation of skateboard making kits from the Roarockit Skateboard Company in Europe, Skateistan Cambodia kids now know exactly how skateboards can be produced.



Flywood organizes DIY open workshops in Moscow and St. Petersbourgh for anyone who wants to build his/her skate/longboard with their own hands using Thin Air Press method. Visit Site »