Oasis Enrollment / National Youth Arts Week

Week after week, semester after semester, the Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF) always amazes us with the diversity of projects and events they find themselves a part of.  Many people see what they are doing and think, "That's so cool, I wish I could do that in school!"... well, YOU CAN!

Click on photo for more information about the OSF program and enrollment.

Not only do we offer our innovative board building programs to different schools and community groups around the world, but the OSF is always looking for new students to enroll in their innovative program.

They are now open every Wednesday at 9am to speak with potential new students and/or their parents about the program and enrollment.  


Fresh on the heels of the successful Board N' School Skateboard Art Auction, the OSF students were back at it setting up a display of their own at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for National Youth Arts Week. Students spoke to reporters and the public about their program, and even got to meet former Gorvernor General of Canada - Michaelle Jean.


Just another great example of the oppourtunities students at the OSF get to take part in. 

Oasis Orientation 2013

This past Thursday (Feb.14th), the Roarockit Skateboard Company hosted the new and returning students from the Oasis Skateboard Factory at our 131 Sunrise Ave. location for the first time.  We had a great time meeting the new students, and it is always a pleasure to share our history and work space with these creative individuals.  


Together, Oasis and Roarockit have some big plans for this years intake. We look forward to collaborating on some great events, custom 'Dream Board' builds, and most importantly - helping these students graduate...Stay tuned!!

Here are a few pics from their visit:


Impossible to get a clear action shot of these kids devouring the pizza!Couple of great panoramic shots of the Roarockit tourNorah, Ted, Nico and Sarah introduce themselves and talk about the businessPizza Party!


Chris explains the CNC machine and how to keep the shop organizedMarcel shows his enthusiasm towards cleaning up